Service & About us

Nature Travel is a young dynamic team with 20 years of experience in Venezuela.

Rolando Huaynalaya has worked originally in the Manu national park in Peru as an Ingeneur. In the eighties he traveled for the first time to Venezuela, more specifically in Los Llanos where he was amazed by the fauna, Avifauna and flora so that he has decided to stay in Venezuela. For many years he gained experience in different hotels, pensions, Lodges and travel agencies. A knowledge which he puts into practice in the Posada Casa Vieja Los Andes.

Kai Putzka lives in in Venezuela since 1998. Many years he has worked as a tour guide for well-known European travel agencies like Ikarus, Marco Polo and Studiosus. Kai knows very well all Venezuelan regions, inlcuiding southern Orinoco. He has a special predilection for anacondas and some other snakes. Nonetheless he has also a profound knowledge about flora and fauna, as well as the knowlodge for the best spots in the country for birdwatchers.

In one of the many hammocks-Llanos tours Kai met Kimiso. She comes from the heart of the Llanos and today lives together with Kai and their three kids in Tabay, Mérida. Instead of travelling around country as he used to, Kai arranges tours since 2008 in the Posada Casa Vieja Los Andes and Nature Travel.

All email requests regarding Venezuela´s trip are promptly answered by Kai. He also keeps an eye on our guests during their whole stay, taking care that everything runs as expected.

We count with an excellent team and reliable tour guides with a lot of experience which make your trip unforgettable.

Roger Manrique, biologist and ornithologist. Churi Mendoza, enthusiastic naturalist and Birder. Gaston Gutierrez, a very friendly German-speaking biologist. Toto Collazo who studied modern languages and tourism.

Tours can be daily organised starting from 2 people. We offer tours to Canaima, to Orinoco delta, in the Andes, to Los Llanos as well as to the Caribbean. Besides we organise flights, hotel reservations, transfers, pick up and airport asistance services. Just ask us about your individual plans and favorite places you want to visit. We make you a proposal that adjust to your wishes and budget.