Chirikayen Table Top Mountain

Three day trek in the table top mountain of Chirikayen

Chrikayen tour is a great opportunity for those who want to climb a table top mountain in a short time.

1 Day: Pemon indians in Chirikayen and Tepui

First we drive for 1.5 hour from Santa Elena to the indian settlement of the Pemon indian in Chrikayen. This is the starting point for a four hour hike through the savanna and a tropical rainforest till we reach the base of Chirikayen Tepuy (Table top mountain) In the Pemon language “Chirika“ means Parrot and “yen“ means Place. So we pitch camp at the place of the (small) parrots.

2 Day: To the top of Chirikayen

After breakfast we begin our hike. First a 45 min warmup, then a two hour ascend to the summit of Chirikayen. Once there we explore the flora and fauna of the Tepui Chirikayen. An incredible view you will never forget. We pitch camp on the Chirikayen.

3 Day: Orchids and carnivore plants at Chirikayen

We continue exploring the table top mountain. This Tepui has lots of orchids and carnivore plants. Fpr the ascend we go along a way that take us to the town of Santa Elena. this will be a six hours hike in the Gran Savanna. We have lunch on the way. We recommend: A flight from Santa Elena to Ciudad Bolivar which is certainly one of the most beautiful flights, then you have the opportunity to see lots of tepuis in short period of time.

Chirikayen / East Venezuela

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Duration: 3 days Level of difficulty: 1 (0-5) Services: Transfer, Guide (sp./eng.), Full board Price: 260 Euro/Person (From/to Santa Elena) What to bring:

  • Bug repelent
  • Light wear
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking sandals
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimming wear
  • Flashlighth

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