Mantopai Table Top Mountain

Off road drive, jungle trek and indian culture

On the Mantopai tour we do an off-road drive in Canaima national park and the Grand Savanna.

In the Grand Savanna we see lots of waterfalls such as Salto Kama, Salto Jaspe and Salto Aponwao. This tour also take us through the jungle and the homeland of the Pemon indians.

1 Day: Drive from el Dorado to Manacas camp

Today we drive from Puerto Ordaz to el Dorado town passing by the Cuyuni river whose bridge was designed by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel. After that we visit the gold mines on the 88km stop aand the town of las Claritas. And so we continue to the camp Manacas where we stay for the night.

2 Day: Indian settlement

We drive through the cloud forest from La Escalera road passing by the Grand Savanna plateau till we reach the indian settlement of Iboribo. From there we ride a boat along the Aponwao river. After 20min we reach the salto of Chinack Meru, a waterfall that drops 107m deep! And so we follow a path that take us to the base of a cataract where we have time to take a bath. After it we go back to the Iboribo settlement and in the afternoon we drive to Mantopai camp where we spend the night. This camp is perfectly located because is surrounded by the Karui river and the Soropan Tepui.

3 Day: Mantopai

In the morning a Pemon indian guide us through the jungle and show us some medicinal plants. He will also explain some of his hunt methods and show us how he practices agriculture and brew his manioc beer. Pemon indiansusually grow corn and manioc. In the afternoon we stillhave some time to take a bath in a place few minutes away from the camp.

Accomodation in Mantopai.

4 Day: Waterfall and drive back in across the Grand Savanna to Santa Elena

After breakfast we have a refreshing bath at the waterfall of kaui. The drive along the Grand Savanna road have a wonderful view of the tepuis from different perspectives. Then we continue to Salto Kama waterfall and to the famous Jaspe and to a viewpoint, from where we can see the Kukenan Tepui and Roraima Tepui. At the end of the afternoon we arrive at Santa Elena.

Mantopai /East Venezuela

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Duration: 4 days
Level of difficulty: 1 (0-5)
Services: Transfer, Guide (sp./eng.), full board
Price: from 240 Euro/Person
What to bring:

  • Bug repelent
  • Light wear
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking sandals
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimming wear
  • Flashlighth

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