Gran Sabana,Orinoco 14 days

B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner

Drive, flight over the Angel Falls, Hike & Boat ride in 14 days

1 Day: Caracas airport – Transfer Hotel (-, -, -)

the guide wthe group at Caracas airport. Transfer airport – hotel. Accomodation in Hotel Costa Real Suites (pool & excellent restaurant)

2 Day : Gran Savanna: Flight to Puerto Ordaz & Drive to Kamoiran (B, L, -)

In the morning we fly from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz and start our four days tour in the lost world of the Gran Savanna. First we drive from Puerto Ordaz to el Dorado town passing by the Cuyuni river whose bridge was designed by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel. After that we visit the gold mines on the 88km of the Escalera road till we reach the Gran Savanna high plateau, from where we can see in the distance the first Tepuis. Finally we drive to a simple indian camp in Kamoiran where we spend the night.

3 Day: Gran Savanna: Drive to Mantopai (B, L, D)

After breakfast we drive to the indian settlement of Iboribo. From there we ride on a boat along the Aponwao river. After 20min we reach the salto of Chinack Meru. The Aponwao is the highest waterfall of that region. The waterfall drops 107m deep! And so we follow a small path that take us to the base of a cataract. After it we go back to the Iboribo settlement and have lunch. In the afternoon we drive to Mantopai camp. A drive where we see orchids and carnivore plants. This camp is perfectly located because is surrounded by the Karui river and the Soropan Tepui. (The drive to Mantopai is on a bumpy road) Accomodation in Mantopai Camp.

4 Day: Gran Savanna: Mantopai (B, L, D)

In the morning indians of this area guide us through the jungle and show us some medicinal plants. In the afternoon we still have some time to take a bath in a place few minutes away from the camp. For those who would like to do something different they might just take pictures or enjoy nature. Accomodation in Mantopai.

5 Day: Gran Savanna: Drive to Santa Elena de Uairen (B, L, -)

After breakfast we drive along the Grand Savanna road to the town of Santa Elena de Guairen at the Brazilian border. The drive is wonderful because of the wonderful view of the different Tepuis, waterfalls and its viewpoints such as Salto Kama, Quebrada Yuruani, Salto Kaui and Quebrada de Jaspe. We will visit a viewpoint if a Tepuy, from where we have an incredible view and time to make pictures of the famous Tepuis Roraima and Kukenan. At the end of the afternoon we arrive in Santa Elena. Accomodation in Posada los Pinos.

6 Day: Santa Elenade Uairen (B, -, -)

Today the day stands free for everyone. We recommend to relax at the posada los Pinos or to take part on a flight with a cessna over the Tepuis Roraima and Kukenan. An unforgettable experience! With an helicopter is this also possible.
The prices of both Cessnar or helicopter are per aircraft and only a max of five persons can fly. Please contact us for the prices. Accomodation in Posada los Pinos.

7 Day: Drive to Upata (B, -, D)

Today is a drive day. In the morning after breakfast we still have some time to visit the gold digger city of Santa Elena but after that we drive Nordic in the Gran Savanna till we reach Upata. Accomodation in Hotel la Reina.

8 Day: Orinoco Delta: Drive to Boca de Uracoa (B, -, D)

We drive to Orinoco Delta. The drive goes over Ciudad Guayana to Boca de Uracoa. From the there we take a boat and ride it on the Orinoco river. The Delta is the home of the Warao indians, which in their language means canoo men. In the boat ride where we observe different bird species as well as Orinoco dolphins. Accomodation in Abujene Lodge.

9 Day: Orinoco Delta: Boat/ Canoo excursion (B, L, D)

Early in the morning we observe some birds and howler monkeys at the camp. After that we continue our tour by riding ride on a canoo. The Delta has around 300 different river streams and we will ride on the one where we find more birds, dolphines. If we are lucky we might even see caimans. We have time to make pcitures. Accomodation in Abujene Lodge.

10.Day: Orinoco Delta: Jungle trek (B, L, D)

today we hike through the Delta jungle, go back for lunch to the lodge and later on ride on a canoo to another river stream of the Orinoco Delta. In the afternoon after lunch the group are free to choose between staying at the camp and to relax in a hammock or take part on another wildlife observation. Accomodation in Abujene Lodge.

11 Day: Orinoco Delta: Boat ride & drive to Ciudad Bolivar (B, L, -)

For the last time we go on canoo ride looking for animals or birds. After lunch we go back to the harbour where we will be expected. In the Afternoon we drive back to Ciudad Bolivar. A city located next to the Orinoco river. Accomodation in Posada de Angostura.

12 Day: Canaima: Flight over the Angel Falls and excursion in Canaima lagoon (B, L, D)

After breakfast we drive to the airport and fly with a cessnar into Canaima national park. The flight goes over the Guri water reservoir and the Grand Savanna till the Canaima lagoon. First we check in at Tapuy Lodge which is located right in front of the Canaima lagoon with its fine sand of the lagoon and the impressive view of the waterfalls Salto Golondrina and Salto Ucaima. In the afternoon we ride on a boat across the Canaima lagoon passig by different waterfalls. We ride to the other side of the lagoon where we hike to the impressive waterfall of el Sapo and Sapito. If the water level allows it, we walk behind the waterfall. An unforgettable experience. Accomodation in Tapuy lodge.

13 Day: Canaima: Canaima lagoon, Flight over Roraima and flight back to Caracas (-, -, -)

The morning stands free for everyone. The group can decide if the spend the day on the Canaima Lagoon, take a bath and enjoy the view of the Tepuis. After we fly with a Cessna to the highest Tepui and from there to the canyon of of Auyan Tepui where the highest Waterfall on Earth, the Angel Falls drops over its edge into the depth. The flight continous from the Tepuis area to Ciudad Bolivar. In the late afternoon we fly from Ciudad Bolivar to Caracas. Accomodation in Costa Real Suites.

14 Day: Transfer to the airport(B,-,-)

In the morning we have some time to enjoy the pool. Around noon we drive to Caracas international airport and get ready for the flight back home.

Important information: national flights change sometimes their schedules or are cancel due to bad weather conditions. Thereforewe recommend to stay near the Caracas international airport one day before your international flight.

East Venezuela / Round trip 14 days

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Duration: 14 days
Level of difficulty: 1 (0-5)
Service: Flights, transport as described in the tour, Ciudad Bolivar-Canaima flight RT, full board (meals and soft drinks), accomodation in DBL room
Price: please contact us

What to bring:

  • Suncream
  • Sun glasses
  • Cap
  • Bug repelent
  • Toiletries
  • Light wear
  • Water proof jacket
  • Trekking Sandals
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimming wear
  • Binocular
  • Flashlight
  • extra batteries
  • camera
  • adaptor (110v)

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