Orinoco Delta

Orinoco, one of the longest rivers in South America

The Orinoco river and the Orinoco Delta are an incredible animal and bird paradise. This is the place where the Warao indians -the canoe people- live and build their moricha palm tree houses. The Orinoco Delta tour is a great opportunity for having an impression of the indian way of life in some of the craggy jungle area of Venezuela.

1 Day: Boca Uracoa – Orinoko Delta

First we drive from Puerto Ordaz to Boca de Uracoa.

The tour start at Boca de Uracoa harbour, after 1.5 hour boat ride on the Orinoco river we reach the camp. After lunch we go on a boat excursion through the river stream laberynth of Orinoco Delta. A boat ride where we observe lots of bird species, Orinoco dolphins and howler monkeys. At night we might see caimans.

2 Day: Warao Indians

Early in the morning we get in touch with the flora of Orinoco Delta. After that we visit a Warao indian settlement with its stilt houses that protect indians from the river flood. Very interesting is how the indians get along with the Moriche palm which is the most important natural resource in their daily lives, this because the Warao indians make of it their arrows, arcs, hammocks or the Casabe bread. In the afternoon we concentrate on the fauna and on piranha fishing.

3 Day: Boat excursion – Puerto Ordaz

In the morning we do a last boat excursion. An opportunity to watch lots of birds . Around noon we ride back to Boca de Uracoa and from there we drive to Puerto Ordaz.

Orinoko Delta /

Tour anfragen

Duration: 3 days
Level of difficulty: 1 (0-5)
Services: Transfer from/to Puerto Ordaz, Full board (meals & soft drinks)
Price: 240 Euro/Person
What to bring:

  • Suncream
  • Bug repelent
  • Light wear
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Trekking sandals
  • Hike shoes
  • Swimming wear
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight

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