New bird species discovered in Venezuela: Perija Tapaculo

In the humid mountain and the elfin forest of the Sierra of Perija were discovered a group of birds of the Rhinocrytidae family, the Perija Tapaculo.  A discovery made by an international group of ornithologists led by Dr Jorge Enrique Avendaño of Universidad de los Andes of Bogota, Colombia.
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ITB Berlin 2015 Von 6 – 10 März 2015

11.000 Aussteller aus über 180 Ländern machen die ITB Messe Berlin zur  Plattform des   touristischen Angebots.

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Best breakfast in the world: Venezuelan Arepas

Thrillist Blog: 18 countries around the world were compared and the most  beloved Venezuelan meal, the Arepa got the first place.

Children on the summit: A Venezuelan  proyect that encourages children to take part on the most adventurous routes across  the world.

Marcus Tobia, an experienced mountain climber (Everest 2001)  and  Juan Carlos Lopez Duran, a Venezuelan film producer and director are the organiser of Children on the Summit.

In 2015 begins the new season that takes a team of children from Venezuela and Greenland to the top of Angel Falls and across the frozen fiords of Greenland.

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