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According to many travelers the savanna of Los Llanos is one of the best places in South America to nearly observe wildlife. Animals such as spectacle caiman, Orinoco crocodile, capybaras and turtles gather together in the water holes. In the dry season it is not rare to find an anaconda lying in the mud or an anteater close to sundown. If we are lucky we might even see a puma or a jaguar.Los Llanos is also a bird paradise where you can easily see colorfull macows, parrots as well as Ibis, Sunbitter, Hoatzin, Roseate Spoobill, and lots of birds of pray.

1 day: Drive in the Andes

After breakfats we drive up to the highlands of Mérida: the Paramo where the endemic plant Espeletia is easly seen. On the way we stop at the famous stone chapel of Juan Felix Sanchez, an artisan and artist who received in 1995 a nomination from the Unesco. And so we continue to the Mucubaji lake (3550m) in the Sierra Nevada national park. After it the descent begins and we drive along different vegetation levels till we reach Barinas city. From there we continue into the heart of the Llanos in Apure state. We spend the night at the farm of the friendly Gonzalez famlily.

2 day: Hato in Los Llanos

In the morning we make a safari in the savanna. An opportunity to observe caimas, capybaras (biggest rodent) as well as different turtles and if we are lucky we might even find an anaconda or a anteater. In the afternoon we go horseback riding in the savanna of los Llanos. Experience is not required. Thanks to the horse we can get very near to the water holes where the animals get usually together.

3 day: Hato in Los Llanos

In the morning we do a second safari. In the afternoon we go for a boat ride on Guaritico river stream of Apure river. A great opportunity to observe lots of birds, as well as a sweet water dolphins, different turtles, caimans and with some luck we might even see a Giant Otter.

4 day: Return or continue the journey

After breakfast we get ready to return. During the drive we still see caimans and capybaras lying in the water holes. It is possible to get off in Mantecal in order to continue the journey to Puerto Ayacucho or to get off in Barinas and continue the journey either to the Caribbean coast or to east Venezuela. If not you can also drive back to Merida.

Andes / Llanos Venezuela / West Venezuela

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Duration: 4 days
Level of difficulty: 1 (0-5)
Services: Jeep and boat safari & horseback riding.accomodation in a hammock camp, full board (meals & soft drinks)
Price: 190 Euro/Person (from 4 Persons)

What to bring:

  • Suncream
  • Sun glasses
  • Cap
  • Bug repelent
  • Light wear
  • Water proof jacket
  • Fleece jacket for the Andes
  • Trekking Sandals
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimming wear
  • Binocular
  • Flashlight


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