Venezuela has 2500km of Caribbean beaches distributed along its coast. Each of them has its own flair. Morrocoy and Los Roques for example have lots of small islands surrounded by coral reefs, transparent water and white sand. Los Roques is an amazing place for snorkeling.
Coral reef in Los Roques has a tremendous biodiversity where we can easily find parrot fishes and trumpetfishes (Aulostomus) swimming between the colorful corals. Every now and then a batoidea (rays) or a sea turtle also wander around. As well as dolphins that seems to escort us on the way to another island.

Choroni and Playa Grande are beaches covered with coconut palms and in the fishing village of Choroni you find lots of restaurants with local specialties. Choroni is located in Henry Pitter national park. If Choroni is too crowded, there is always the possibility to take a transfer to the nearby islands. We recommend Valle Saco.

A coral reef blocks the waves that come to Valle Seco transforming this beach in a natural swimming pool where you not only swim but snorkel.

Playa Puy Puy and Playa Medina are solitary beaches, ideal to relax. Playa Puy Puy is a popular beach for those who want to spend an incredible honeymoon. The Isla Margarita, on the other hand, offers all inclusive packages, especially for those looking for combination of beach and fiesta.

Our tip: Los Roques and Choroni.