Canaima & Angelfall


Canaima and Angel falls are without doubt one of the best destinations in South America. Its waterfalls, Indian culture, table top mountains (Tepuis) and its unique flora and fauna make of a tour an unforgettable life experience.
According to the Pemon Indians the surfaces of the table top mountains are considered House of the Gods, an extraordinary place where endemic orchids, bromeliads and different kinds of plants only grow and exist.  The national park Canaima is located in the Gran Sabana in southwest Venezuela. In 1944 the Tepuis were declared UNESCO world natural heritage.  Later on, in 1962 Gran Sabana and Canaima were declared part of Canaima National Park. Its enormous size of three million hectares makes of Canaima the biggest national park on Earth.
Angel Falls and the lagoon of Canaima are located in Canaima national park. From the table top mountain “Auyan Tepui” springs the “Angel Falls” (979m), the highest waterfall on Earth. In 1933 Jimmie Angel, an American pilot, discovered the waterfall while flying over it with a Cessna. Two years later Jimmie Angel, his wife and two scientists flew again over the Auyan Tepui and made a crash landing.  They needed eleven days until they descended and reached a Pemon Indian settlement.
While the rainwater feeds the Angel Falls during the whole year, the lagoon Canaima is fed by the blackwater river of the Churun River.
Different accommodations located around the lagoon of Canaima are administrated by Pemon Indians. The lagoon of Canaima is the starting point for many excursions such as a boat & hike excursion to the Angel Falls, to the Waterfalls Salto Hacha, Salto Golondrina and Salto Ucaima.  Depending on amount of water it might be possible to walk behind the waterfall Salto Sapito (small frog). For this excursion a Pemon Indian will come along with us.
For those who want to get real close to the Angel Falls and Auyan Tepui, it is also possible to arrange a flyover. This is just a unique experience and where anyone can make great pictures and watch from another perspective the waterfall.
The lagoon of Canaima and Angel Falls belong to the “classic tours” in Venezuela.


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