Jaji Coffee Town

Jaji. Coffee plantation and colonial town

The village Jaji has a colonial charm, a small town located in the middle of coffee plantations. A drive to Jaji takes us through different vegetation leves: from a subtropical cloud forest over a cactus canyon, a place where sugar cane grows.

The day tour starts in Mérida and taking us to the Panamericana road along the cloud forest of the Sierra la Culata national park, a foggy landscape. After a while we reach our destination: the Andean colonial town of Jají.

In jaji visit an old colonial coffee hacienda Hacienda El Carmen,and so we observe the coffee production as in old times.

Half an hour drive from Jaji we find an amazing cactus canyon which most of time remains arid. Nonetheless it is also a place where the sugar cane grows. A place which still keep its ancient touch like in Simon Bolivar´s times.

After that we go back to Merida.

Jaji/ Venezuelan Andes / West Venezuela

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Duration: 1 day
Level of difficulty: 0-1 (0-5)
Services: Transfer, Guide (sp./eng./ger.)
Price: 45 Euro/Person (from 2 people)
What to bring:

  • Suncream
  • WInd shell jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Fleece jacket for the Andes
  • Hiking shoes
  • cap

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