Andes Unique Tip!

Two impresive type of vegetation: Paramo and tropical mountain rain forest

1 Day: From the Paramo to the entrance to the Venezuelan Andes

The Andes Unique tour take us along charming colonial villages and goes through different types of vegetation: tropical mountain rain forest, subtropical cloud forest, dwarf forest and Paramo. At 3500m we reach the Mucubaji lake where we do a 2-3 hours hike to Laguna Negra. At this height we can easily see the Frailejones (Espeletia) and immense pine forest mostly covered by ferns, lichens, moss and stones.

The drive continues uphill to 4.200 meters to the eagle pass (Pico El Aguila) in the Condor MIfafi Valley. Up there vegetation adquires a different form and high. The Frailejones can grow more than three meters high, looking loose in the apparently endless mountains.

And so we continue our day trip to the colonial town of Altamira de Caceres in Barinas state. There we spend the night at the comfortable colonial Posada on 900m.

2 Day: Bath and hike in the tropical rain forest of Altamira

After breakfast we walk around Altamira and drive to the near colonial town of Calderas. A very nice ride in tropical rain forest.

Altamira is a town close to the Andes. It has a warm weather where mangos, papayas, guanabana, avocados, oranges and bananas grow every where.

it is also a place where orchis and bromeliads grow, but also a place for exotic and beautiful birds like toucans, macaws, parrots and lots of different butterflies. In some of the rivers nearby we might even take a refreshing bath.

In the afternoon we drive back to Merida.

Andes Unique/ Venezuelan Andes / West Venezuela

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Duration: 2 days
Difficulty level: 1 (0-5)
Services: Transfer, Guide (eng./ger.)
Price: 125 Euro/Person (from 2 people)

What to bring:

  • Suncream
  • Wind shell jacket
  • Waterproff jacket
  • Fleecefor the Andes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Cap

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