Andean Trek

Pico-Humboldt Venezuela

The impressive landscape in the tropical Venezuelan Andes can offers lots of hikes and treks of different levels.

A classic one is Los Nevados trek, a tour that anyone can do because is a light trek for those who love hiking in the mountains.

In this tour we go along with mountain farmers and mules to Los Nevados.

A challenging trek are Pico Humboldt and Pico Bolivar Tours, in which we cross glacier with crampons and ice axe. We recommend the Humboldt trek more than the Bolivar trek because of the landscape and because is easier to perform.

Another interesting trek is Pan de Azucar (Sugar bread trek). It is named in that way because its landscape resembles the moon. This mountain is located in Sierra la Culata national park, a tour that ends at the hot springs of la Musui. All this trek tours can be done from two persons.