Andean Villages

The Venezuelan Andes are unique. The Trasandina road goes along the colonial villages Mucuruba, Mucuchies and Apartaderos. In San Rafael de Mucuchies is located the stone chapel of Juan Felix Sanchez, an artisan and plastic artist that received a nomination from Unesco. The Trasandina road take us to the Laguna Mucubaji, in the Sierra Nevada national park from where anyone can hike to the Laguna Negra in 2.5 hours or to the Eagle Pass „Pico el Aguila“. In case we drive by Mucubaji, we will reach Altamira de Caceres, a village surrounded by a tropical rain forest.
On the west side of Merida is the Panamericana road which take us to Jaji, a colonial coffee plantation village where the Hacienda el Carmen is located and coffee ist still produced as in ancient times. The village of Jaji still keeps its colonial charm by mantaining its old streets and colonial houses as in the past.