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Venezuela is an extraordinary country due to its different ecosystems and diversity of landscapes. These special qualities make of Venezuela a country of remarkable contrasts.

Travel in Venezuela offers individual trips, roundtrips and tours in all regions of Venezuela. They can easily be booked for 2 people or more. Besides this, Travel in Venezuela also organizes flights, hotel reservations, airport assistance and transfers.

Venezuelan Caribbean


The north of Venezuela has 2500Km of Caribbean coast. It extends along Los Roques, Morrocoy, Mochima and Henry Pitier national parks. Those beautiful beaches delight visitors with their palms, corals, sandy beach and turquoise crystal water. The Caribbean beaches in Venezuela are an ideal place for sunbathing, relaxing in a hammock and of course for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Orinoco Delta

orinoko_delta venezuelaThe Orinoco Delta is located in eastern Venezuela. The Orinoco river branches off into hundred of rivers and waterways that flows through a jungle area before it ends in the Atlantic. The Orinoco Delta is also the home of the Pemon Indians and a territory that gathers lots of bird and animal species. On a boat ride on the Orinoco we will observe sweet water dolphins, different monkey species as well as Macaws, Aras and Toucans.



Grand Savanna and Canaima National Park


The Grand Savanna and Canaima National Park are in south-eastern Venezuela along the border between Guyana (Guiana) and Brazil. The tepuis (tabletop mountains) in Guyana shield are considered one of the oldest geological formations on Earth. From the top of the flat mountain Auyan Tepui originates Angel Fall, with its 986mts is the highest waterfall of the world. Trips and excursions in the Grand Savanna and Canaima national park can be organized in different ways. A classical excursion is the Canaima Tour which includes Auyan Tepui and Angel Fall. For this tour we fly over the falls in a small cesna and during three days we hike and ride on a boat. Particular physical conditions are not required for this tour so anyone can take part on it. However we count also with other proposal for those interested in Grand Savanna and Canaima. In this way for those looking for more challenge we organize a trek to the Top Table Mountains of Roraima, Kukenan, Auyan und Chirikayen. And for those interested in science and research we organized a flight with a helicopter to the Top Table Mountains.

The Venezuelan Andes

Frailejon Venezuela

The mountain chains of the Andes are in western Venezuela. Its snow covered mountains can reach the 5000mts. The Paramo, a region located between Merida city and the Llanos, has a special charm because of its “Frailejones”, a typical vegetation of the area. The subtropical cloud forest with its bromeliads, orchids, ferns, lichen and an elves forest are also typical of the Andes. The mountain farmers of the small Andean towns organize colorful and vivid festivities during the year like for example “San Isidro” in Easter.


Los Llanos, a Venezuelan wildlife paradise

Los Llanos is not only an incredible anLlanos Venezuelad unique area in southern Venezuela, but also it has one of the most species-rich habitats in South America. Orinoco Crocodile, caimans, howler monkeys, capybaras and different types of turtles can be easily observed and photographed. Frequently we observe anacondas, tamanduas, anteaters and if we are lucky we might even see a puma, ocelot or a jaguar. The Llanos are also a favorite place for birdwatchers. Red ibis, roseate spoonbill, agami herons, chestnut-fronted macaws, hoatzins and different kind of birds of prey are always observed in all Llanos excursions and wildlife safaris.

Climate in Venezuela

Azulita  Jaji  VenezuelaThe climate in Venezuela lies between tropical or subtropical. The dry season begins in November and ends in April. The temperature on the coasts, Los Llanos and the Grand Savanna can reach till 30°C/86°F during the day while a refreshing breeze blows. In the Andes might be26°C/78.8°F during the day and at night the temperature can drop under 16°C or even more depending on the altitude. On the other hand, in the rainy season temperature becomes progressively cooler. However, it doesn´t rain ever day. Rainfalls are usually for a short but intense period of time. That is why it is also possible to travel around the country even in the rainy season. Amazonas state has usually the most rainfall in the rainy season.

Venezuelan, a happy people


Venezolaner-Fest-Venezuela-MenschenVenezuelan live for the day. They love music and especially they love to dance Tambores (drums), Salsa and Merengue. Two-thirds of the population is under 40 years old. Mestizos, white, black and native Latin American are a big part of the 21 million populations.

Getting to know Venezuela

venezuela-life-peopleTravel in Venezuela might not always be easy. Besides this there is  another conception of time in Venezuela as Europeans or Americans have. The distance between one place to another is also much more distant. This is, however, not a problem because most of the cities have an airport and flights are not expensive. Travel in Venezuela helps you to organize and prepare your trip with lots of good tips and tourist informations. Travel in Venezuela organizes individual tours or roundtrips for two people or more people all around the country.


Flight reservation and Hotel booking

Flight-Flug-VenezuelaEasily we can organize national flights with all the airlines. We also offer airport assistance and hotel transfer. The drivers speak English and Spanish. If requested we could also organize a German speaking driver.
All around the country we help you with hotel booking. All the guest houses, hotels and lodges have been personally visited and chosen for our clients.
Travel in Venezuela has excellent tour guides and our office has more than 15 years experience. We attend and supervise the trip before and during the tour.
Please contact us if you have any question to the areas or to the excursions in Venezuela. We are glad to help you and make of your trip in Venezuela an unforgettable experience.



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